Small Groups at Kwando Safaris Splash Enclave

Small groups with a minimum of 6 adults can book Splash Enclave exclusively. This is ideal for privately guided small groups, or families.

Splash Enclave can also accommodate families with children under the age of 6 when booked exclusively. There is one family room with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom as part of the Enclave.

Guests who book exclusive use of Splash Enclave will be staying in identical rooms to Splash Camp, but will enjoy a separate dining, lounge and swimming pool for their own private use.

Guests staying at the main Splash Camp will not be allowed to enter the Enclave when it is being occupied by an exclusive use booking, ensuring that the group enjoys intimacy and privacy throughout their stay. Splash Camp is situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta, within the Private Kwara Reserve. This brand new camp offers a very relaxed, friendly and authentic atmosphere.

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