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Réunion is intriguing, soul-stirring and the Indian Ocean’s last great quest

Situated 500 miles east of Madagascar, Réunion is virtually unknown except, perhaps, by a few seasoned travellers. Often described as an intense encounter the island offers an optional experience anywhere from relaxing to insane.

With an active volcano on it south coast, warm beaches along the west coast and craggy mountains and forests in between the contrast is truly astonishing. Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes, is compelling. Bordered by the Salazies Mountain in the west and the Grand Brule Slopes the east, it’s little wonder that hiking is at the top of the activity list but not at the expense of culture a cionados who are more than well-compensated in the eclectic restaurants of St Denis, Réunion’s capital.



  • Hôtel Juliette Dodu
  • Diana Dea Lodge
  • The Palm Hotel & Spa
  • Villa Delisle Hotel & Spa
  • Blue-Margouillat Seaview Hotel
  • Relais de l’Hermitage St Gilles
  • Le Saint Alexis Hotel & Spa
  • Hôtel Boucan Canot